We love nature

The origin of our products is the spectacular and pristine wilderness of Africa. We consider it our duty to preserve this natural beauty and support the local communities through sustainable and fair production conditions of our nuts and dried fruit. The African sun and our love for this fascinating continent and its precious nature infuse our healthy snacks with their intense aroma and unadulterated taste. On a total area of around 15,000 hectares, we work with over 2533 farmers, whom we train in special in-house training programmes. Also, we enable 240 local people to create a stable livelihood by working in our factories. We are especially proud of more than 350 women who, through their work at fairsnack, can support their families in a self-determined and equal way.


Fairsnack provides you with premium nuts and dried fruit directly from the manufacturer. As we are responsible for the entire process from production to import, we guarantee for a first-class and first-hand price-performance ratio.

Our cooperatives

As our philosophy is to create a sustainable balance between taking and giving fairsnack works together with different initiatives in Africa. Support us as a partner and contribute to make our world a better place!

Our commitment to quality

The flavours of the African sun are reflected by the rich flavour of our nuts and dried fruit. Our products are organically grown and fairly produced. We are transparent and committed to a high-quality standard as proven by our certificates.

Our cooperatives

In cooperation with the initiative Natur’impact, fairsnack employs 152 women in production, harvesting and processing.

Union Janta

Through the cooperation with Union Janta, fairsnack enables the employment of 128 women in harvesting and processing.

Femmes Unies

Thanks to Femmes Unies, fairsnack offers 102 women a job in harvesting and collecting our nuts and dried fruit.


The “Société COOPérative Simplifiée des Producteurs de Fruits du département de Koloko” enables us to work with over 565 organic and Fairtrade certified farmers.

All cooperations are ECOCERT and Certisys certified